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Katie Drobina is an author, poet, and creator. Her first published works were featured in “Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans".  She has also spent time working as a journalist for a small town newspaper, and a magazine for youth published in St. Louis, Missouri.  While the majority of her workforce career has consisted of providing counseling and social work services, writing has always been one of her passions.

 Her muse returned as she embarked on the adventure of motherhood, and she has been thoughtfully blogging and penning her experiences since. Katie Drobina resides with her family wherever work sends them. She currently contributes to the More Love Letters Diary and is a Contributing Editor with Indelible Ink Writers. Katie Drobina hopes that through her written works, readers feel and experience the world around them again, and are reinvigorated with their own passions.


Memoirs from Motherhood

Katie Drobina

Memoirs from Motherhood


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